UC Accountants understands that conscientious and proactive financial practices are critical to unlocking the potential value of every business

We offer accounting, advisory and tax services administered by our team of professional accountants and practitioners. Our aim is to enthusiastically support your business with our collection of diversified experience and skills which, fundamentally underscores our value offer.

We strategically and deliberately combine our human capacity with an exuberant appetite for best practice systems, innovation and compliance to offer you forward focussing and mindful professional-services support. We want to know what your business ideals are, so that we can ensure that it is rooted appropriately in compliance, structured to win and that you are geared to become a Legend in your industry.

We help organisations make better financial decisions for their future


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Our approach to systems, and governance is innately enabling and contributes to client confidence and competitiveness


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Our teams’ combined experience is deliberately translated into world class client products and services

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Teaching has always been a very important part of our vision. It is one of the ways we contribute to society.