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We provide you with enabling governance and financial management support. Our tailored assurance work is preventative in nature and provides you with the best possible decision-making support information.
Our professionals have a high degree of practical, technical and business expertise from a diverse range of disciplines. You can therefore be assured of optimal professional advisory support

Our Assessment

Finding the most economical and efficient ways to achieve your calculated desires. Allow you peace of mind to focus on developing capacity and growing your business. Ensuring that your compliance environment is secured, predictable and shift proof.


Financial Services

We assist in the structuring of commercial transactions and advise on corporate finance related issues.

Our experience has given us a sound skills base to offer innovation and
creativity in devising unique financial solutions to a broad spectrum of


Corporate Finanace

Our corporate finance team is capable, committed & creative. We understand the needs of your business and the context in which it operates.

Our specialised knowledge and expertise ensures that you make smart business decisions based on accurate analysis and experience



Our services range from consulting with regards to optimising your rating to performing the verification and related BBBEE certificate.

Our approach towards consulting draws from years of experience with our existing clients while being cognisant of the changing environment within the legislative BBBEE environment.

Our Professional Services

"The value of an idea lies in the using of it."

Thomas Edison

the value we bring

Business sustainability

Our clients have access to world class advisory services. We are growth enabling strategists with a touch of calculated risk taking. Our cross sectoral clients engage these skills, and use it to maximise shareholder returns, boost staff attitudes, choose the right markets, ensure optimal cash flows and establish far reaching stakeholder management skills.

Corporate Governance

Deliberately instilling principles of corporate governance stimulates business growth and maximises shareholder returns. The resulting enhanced control environment will inevitably minimise the risk exposure of the business. It will further highlight areas of opportunity costs and inefficiencies as a result of a non-existing risk palate, which will inevitably derail growth.

Forensic Auditing

The levels corruption and corporate theft have reached in South Africa are breaking global records. There are several causes for this, however, the impact remains devastating. Although our approach to systems management is preventative, we have the expertise to deal with forensic audits in a sensitive and professional manner. 

Risk Management

We are of the opinion that risk management is both an enabler as much it is an optimal control measure. We have the skills to make risk management a operational measure, that is appreciated by all stakeholders. 

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Recommended Packages for your business

Dedicated Accountant

– Direct contact for consultations
– Presentation of reports
– Strategy, Business Development and Advisory Services
– Administrative work
– Meetings

Monthly Bookkeeping

– Statement of Comprehensive Income
– Maintaining and updating records
– Statement of Financial Position
– Statement of Changes in Equity
– Statement of Cash Flows
– Reconciliations (Bank, Suppliers etc)

Auditing and Internal Control Systems

– Preparation of Audit Files & engagements
– Financial Risk Assessments and Monitoring
– Internal Controls and Implementation
– Financial Policies Development and Processes

BEE Verification & compliance